Cachitos De Jamon And Chicharrones

Cachitos De Jamon And Chicharrones

Delightful selfmade ham wraps, which has a slight sweet flavor dough, in the best type of any Venezuelan bakery.


one pound of wheat flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

one/8 pound sugar

one/16 pound of fresh yeast

one/eight pound of butter

1 teaspoons essence of cheddar cheese

1 egg


one/two pound of ham sliced thinly sliced

one/3 pound of bacon slice thinly sliced


2 beaten eggs


Within an inn area the flour in the shape of crown, in the middle, incorporate the salt, sugar, yeast and butter, blend together with your palms, and include the warm drinking water gradually, mixing go, incorporate the essence of cheese and continue on kneading by about 10 minutes, or till you do have a sleek, elastic mass. Allow stand included with a clean up, damp cloth.

Aside in a bowl blend the ham, bacon and butter, if vital incorporate a pinch salt. E book cooled.

The moment earlier at the least thirty minutes, go ahead and take dough and draw gasoline, whisk yet again and Minimize parts of about fifty grams Each and every, Extend employing a roller with triangular shape positioning triangles in a greased surface.

When all of the triangles are stretched to start arming. Start out by inserting in the extensive triangle a little bit filling, closing nicely plugging and filling aim ideas inward roll surplus With all the tip with the triangle of caring in roll properly. Give crescent shape and spot on the greased tray. Once are all armed, lead without having turning over the oven to grow once double its unique sizing, paint with overwhelmed egg incredibly nicely, leading to the oven at 350 levels right until golden brown.


two pounds of chopped bacon in packing containers about one/2 inch



Inside a cauldron really warm, add the bacon and Prepare dinner until it loses many of the Excess fat, the moment This can be carried out, take away the greaves, let them great, and add salt.

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