Lucky Lemon Rooster

Lucky Lemon Rooster

A mouth watering hen food so that you can put together in your house. The lemon sauce is fresh new and tangy and by some means I often find yourself having far too much : ).

It will take a little to organize but is worth the effort. And ending the food with a fortune cookie is great enjoyable particularly when you publish your individual fortune and make your own cookies (see beneath).

Lucky Lemon Chicken


4 complete boneless rooster breasts, pores and skin off

frac12; cup cornstarch (corn flour)

three tbls drinking water

4 egg yolks overwhelmed

salt, pepper

shallots chopped

Lemon Sauce

frac12; cup lemon juice

2 tsp powdered chicken inventory

2 tbls cornstarch (corn flour)

two tbls honey

2frac12; tbls brown sugar

one tsp grated ginger

1frac34; cups h2o

To the sauce combine each of the ingredients within a saucepan and stir above a small heat till it boils after which you can thickens.

Slash rooster breast fillets into 3 4 pieces, lay flat and pound a little bit.

Position cornflour in the bowl and gradually insert the h2o and egg yolks. Add salt and pepper towards your liking.

Dip hen items into this batter, drain perfectly.

Area a pair pieces with the battered rooster at a time into deep warm oil and fry right until frivolously browned.

Drain on absorbent paper.

Slice rooster more if expected.

Prepare on plates, sprinkle with shallots and spoon over hot lemon sauce.

Take pleasure in!

And after that, conclude the food Using these home created Chinese Fortune Cookies.

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