Tasty Vegan Caribbean Puddings

Tasty Vegan Caribbean Puddings

Yellow Yam Pudding


eight oz or 225 g yellow yam (grated Uncooked)

6oz or one hundred seventy five g brown sugar

2 tbsp burnt sugar or molasses

7 oz or 200 g fruits (soaked)

4oz or a hundred and ten g vegan butter or margarine

½ tsp vanilla extract (also can use vanilla essence)


Beat grated yam with a fork right until light weight.
Combine all components and mix briskly.
Steam in the pudding steamer.

Sweet Potato Pie


two lbs or 900 g sweet potato

1½ tbsp vegan margarine

5 tbsp brown sugar

one amount tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

2 oz or 50 g applesauce


Boil potatoes immediately after peeling. Although sizzling utilize the back again of a wooden spoon to mash totally.
Conquer applesauce and add to potatoes
Stir very well then add other elements, whilst stirring.
Pour in a shallow nicely greased baking tin and bake in the moderate oven (350oF, 180oC or gas mark 4) right up until brown.
Slash in squares though continue to heat.

Plantain Pudding


4 eco friendly plantains (cooked and grated)

4 tbsp flour

3 tbsp coconut (grated)

six oz or 175 gapplesauce

8 oz or 225 gbrown sugar

¾ pint or 375 ml coconut milk

4 oz or 110 g margarine

Nutmeg and vanilla

4 oz or 110 g raisins


Insert coconut milk to grated plantain and beat right up until fluffy and light weight.
Increase all other ingredients and beat again right until fluffy and lightweight.
Pour right into a greased baking tin.
Bake in the moderate (350oF, 180oC or gasoline mark four) oven for around forty five minutes.

Carrot Pudding


one lb or 450 g raisins

6oz or one hundred seventy five g or applesauce

½ pint or 250 ml unsweetened soya milk

one tsp baking powder

¼ tsp nutmeg (grated)

two lbs or 900 g carrots (grated)

8oz or 225 g flour

2 tbspcornstarch or corn flour

8 oz or 225 g brown sugar

one lb or 450 g currants

four oz or a hundred and ten g vegan margarine

¼ tsp mixed spice


Cream margarine and sugar. Increase flavouring and spices.
Conquer cornstarch or corn flour with 6 tbsp water and add to margarine and sugar.
Incorporate grated carrots and blend comprehensively.
In the independent bowl combine flour with soya milk then insert to the mixture.
Pour right into a greased tin and bake in a moderate (350oF, 180oC or fuel mark four) oven for half hour.
Extinguish flame and permit pudding to chill in oven.

Dasheen Pudding


one½ lbs or seven hundred g dasheen

1 lb or 450g coconut product

4 oz or 110 g raisins

two oz or 50 g vegan margarine

½ tsp nutmeg (grated)

8 oz or 225 g sugar

2 oz or 50 g applesauce

¼ tsp salt

4 oz or one hundred ten g flour

two tsp vanilla extract (might also use vanilla essence)


Peel wash then grate dasheen. Beat comprehensively right up until gentle and fluffy.
Include coconut cream and beat some much more.
Defeat applesauce along with the rest of the components.
Pour inside of a evenly greased tin and bake inside of a moderate (350oF/180oC or fuel mark 4) oven for half hour.

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